Bowburn Consultancy

Established in 1995, Bowburn Consultancy offers specialist advice on the ecology of freshwater algae and their management. The core of our practice is the use of algae for assessment of the condition of lakes and rivers with reference to European legislation. For the past decade, we have focussed on developing method to support the UK’s implementation of the Water Framework Directive.

Bowburn Consultancy has managed several high-profile projects developing new assessment methods, co-ordinating consortia of universities and other consultancies to deliver high quality research tailored to end-user needs. Customers include statutory agencies in the UK and Ireland, water companies and other consultancies. We have also worked with the European Commission, co-ordinating the intercalibration of benthic algae methods around Europe.

Bowburn Consultancy also offers training suitable for different levels of expertise, from introductory courses suitable for beginners to specialised courses aimed at professionals engaged in ecological assessment.

Contact: / +44 (0) 191 377 2077